Best Ways to Market and Sell Children’s Books

03 Apr

If you are an author and publisher of books for children, then you should also learn how to market and sell the books. As you write the books, you have the children in mind, but when it comes to selling the books, it is not only the children you should target but their parents also because they are the buyers. All parents want their children to read the best books and if you market your books properly, then without a doubt, you will make great sales. But how do you market and sell children’s books? This is a challenge to most children book authors, but this article illustrates ways on how you can go about it with ease.

Create a user-friendly website. Your website should be your leading marketing tool, and you should make it as easy to use as possible. Book buyers, parents, and teachers are busy individuals, and they would not want to spend a lot of time searching for the books on the site. The relevant information that your website should contain is your details, categories of books, links to activities, blog pages and where to find and buy the books. Do not fill your website with irrelevant information that can easily disgust potential buyers but post information that guides them so that they get whatever they need.

Plan to meet your readers and make offline sales. While I still emphasize the importance of online marketing, offline marketing can also work wonders in sell children's books. As an author, most of your readers yearn to meet you and hear from you. Therefore, schedule events that can bring you close to your readers and as you get along, word will spread around about your children’s books and you are likely to get more clients. Schedule the events at schools, local library, book stores, playgroups, and parenting groups.

Opt for social media marketing. Numerous social media platforms can help to market and sell your published children’s books. Target an audience that is likely to be interested in children’s books and use the group or page to display and promote the books.  Regularly post information about giveaways, promotions, and sales. Check out at 

Consider book trailers. Nowadays, the internet is available, and children use it. Create an impressive book trailer and use it for marketing on different platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, your website and newsletter. Book trailers are a new way of marketing, and they can significantly improve your sales.

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